Wednesday Writing Tip – Feed the Muse

You know that driving force that propels your WIP forward, gets you excited about the plot and keeps you motivated to continue?

That’s your Muse.

She comes in all forms and shapes, from that crush you have coffee with on weekends, to your husband, your daughter, your favorite musician, or that movie you love to have playing in the background at night.

Just like your own body, your Muse needs to be fed to be kept happy and sated. For some this means chocolate (you know who you are), good music, regular bouts of fresh air or extended vacations, time with that special person, or like in the case of keeping my Muse happy – copious amounts of Pink Moscato. I’m not a lush, I promise, but sometimes I simply MUST feed her. And no, I’m not telling you who my Muse is. Stop asking. Jeesh.


So sit back tonight and figure out what makes your Muse happy – and keep it fed. This is the key to encouraging your story to flow freely and possibly, hopefully, keeping writer’s block at bay. 😉


Happy Feeding!