Weekly Writing Goals…oh, and ‘Happy Days’

It’s back to scheduling writing time for me. This also means setting a weekly writing goal and making SURE I meet it. Sounds a lot easier than it is, trust me. LOL

Today I hit my daily writing goal of 2,500 words (to achieve my weekly goal of 10k). It took two sittings and a lot of, ‘Don’t talk to me, I’m thinking!’ comments from me to my kids, who were supposed to be resting off our bike ride to the park earlier. See, I figured exhausting them would mean I could bust out two solid hours of uninterrupted writing time, but nooooooooo, it just made us all tired and them more clingy. This is why TV is not such a bad invention, after all. And headphones, because I don’t want to hear the theme song to Spongebob EVER AGAIN.

Speaking of songs. I was sitting in front of the laptop, gearing up for a writing session when the theme song for Happy Days just sort of materialized out of thin air and then got stuck in my head on repeat. Still better than five seconds of Spongebob.