Meatless Monday – Juicing for Health!

Yes, I’ve been juicing, though only made it one full week exclusively before switching it up to allow one food meal a day. On the days when I cheat and only juice once, I definitely feel worse, so I’m doing my best to ensure I get as much juicing in as I can. Several people have sent me messages asking what it is that goes into each of my juices and since each one is slightly different, it’s impossible to list just one recipe, but I did take a pic of my before and after breakfast today. 😉 I’ve learned to use what fruits and vegetables I have on hand, and make sure there are various colors in my juices throughout the day/week. For example, if breakfast was orange or yellow, lunch should be red, blue, purple or green. 😉 It’s not as hard as some might think! Take a peek at what was done today:


And yes, it was delicious. Basically tasted like a tart orange juice. Even the kids gobbled this one down. 😉

Happy Meatless Monday!