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Dying To Forget Cover FINALBook 1 of The Station series is available for most eReading devices, but did you know that you can also find it on iBooks and iTunes? Yep! So now you can load it for FREE to your MAC or iOS device or use iTunes for your computer!

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Thursday Teaser – The Dry Lands

“I know it’s real.”

“How? How do you know this?”

“Do you ever feel in your bones when the rain is coming? I feel this in my soul, Hutch. I know there’s something [out] there and my people deserve to know what their ancestors died to protect.”

Hutch swerved the scud off the road and they jolted to a stop. A’ris had to grab the bird to keep him from catapulting off her lap.

He leaned toward her, with one arm draped over the steering wheel. “I think your notion of this whole mess is far less romantic than that.”

“Do you. Enlighten me.”

“I think you’ve got daddy issues. And you want nothing more than to defy the King. For whatever reason, he wants to keep this a secret, so you want to expose it. Have you considered for even one second that though he seems like the bad guy here, he might actually be hiding this from you and all your people for a reason?”

Hutch watched her cheeks turn crimson. “He’s not that noble.”

“And you’re not that innocent.”

A’ris met his gaze and held it, allowing the angry undercurrents of energy swirl between them. She was the first to look away, and Hutch stared at her profile for a full minute before she spoke.

Her voice was demure and quiet, but Hutch still felt the sting of her words. “You’ve gone above and beyond what I hired you for. I’ll make sure you are paid when we reach the Wet Lands and then you can go on your way, back to whatever pained existence makes you happy.”

– Copyright Trish Marie Dawson, The Dry Lands (Hutch & A’ris)

Interview with Indie Author Land

I don’t do interviews often, so I should share them when they happen, right? 😀

Thanks, Indie Author Land, for having me on your site!

Let’s Talk

The year is 2013. Even if you don’t have children who talk to you about what happens in their schools, surely you’ve seen the news or listened to the radio and heard of at least one bullying related suicide death of a child in recent months.

I open up this thread for you to post your thoughts because I think this is a subject worth discussing, not ignoring. I may write about this very subject in fictional form, but the issue is a real one. A scary one. One that impacts me and you directly, because our children are very much our future. Those who bully and those who are bullied: they all matter.

Why does this keep happening? Who is to blame? How do we stop this?

Let’s not attack each other – let’s talk. Talk on here and talk at home…because that’s where it matters most.

Be kind, everyone.