Let’s Talk

The year is 2013. Even if you don’t have children who talk to you about what happens in their schools, surely you’ve seen the news or listened to the radio and heard of at least one bullying related suicide death of a child in recent months.

I open up this thread for you to post your thoughts because I think this is a subject worth discussing, not ignoring. I may write about this very subject in fictional form, but the issue is a real one. A scary one. One that impacts me and you directly, because our children are very much our future. Those who bully and those who are bullied: they all matter.

Why does this keep happening? Who is to blame? How do we stop this?

Let’s not attack each other – let’s talk. Talk on here and talk at home…because that’s where it matters most.

Be kind, everyone.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk

  1. Sudha says:

    I heard a 12 year old bully got arrested. Maybe if tge principals can’t solve this, we can. Someone’s got to help because alone is sometimes too hard.


  2. Lindsay Weber says:

    My daughter was harassed for sticking up for a little girl that didn’t stick up for herself, and then she got the brunt of all the boys anger all year long and it continued to get worse. Then the school system put her in his class the next year. Which seems totally unfair to my child, since she was the innocent victim, all she did was stick up for another and say something!


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