Plot Bunny Outbreak

“Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.” –John Steinbeck

Yep, I know exactly what you mean, Steinbeck. What’s a plot bunny you might ask? Well. When a writer’s brain is inundated with story ideas begging nagging to be written that tend to multiply on their own accord from the time we fall asleep at night to the next morning when we open our eyes – you’ve birthed a nice little coven of plot bunnies. You must write said ideas ASAP or they will follow you to the bathroom when you brush your teeth, nag at you while you sip your coffee and itch at your mind throughout the day much like a poison oak rash – and they have teeth. Not little teeth, either.


The only way to rid the curse of a plot bunny outbreak is to actually translate the story idea to paper (pencil, pen, marker, laptop keys – whatever, it’s your poison of choice). You’d think you were safe then, right? Wrong. You never really escape them, because they always seem to pop their furry little heads up, even if that means you were having the most magnificent dream about falling asleep in Thor’s arms. Unless you’re trapped in a significant bout of writer’s block (which might be a blessing in disguise), plot bunnies tend to stick around.


Sure, they’re cute and fuzzy and all that…but like real rabbits, plot bunnies multiply. You might get up tomorrow with one bouncing around in your head, then something happens between breakfast and lunch and BAM! there’s a dozen up there…all struggling for room and screaming to be heard. If you don’t keep a notebook next to your bed – or your cell phone with a notepad app on you at all times for the random jotting down of story ideas – you’re recklessly encouraging the unneccessary over-breeding of plot bunnies, i.e. – an outbreak. *shudders* I don’t wish one of those on my worst enemy. They scramble your brains and muck things up in such a way that you end up writing until 2:00am and back spacing constantly because you can’t remember how to spell the word ‘the’.

But there is hope! I’m learning how to train my plot bunnies. In fact, they have their own notebook full of nonsense that I regularly check in with and pull ideas from before diligently giving them my full attention. This way I can organize story ideas whether they are for my current WIP’s or can be used later for the next masterpiece. It keeps us all happy and prevents the overwhelming and messy Plot Bunny Outbreak. Where or how do you store your blot bunnies?

Happy writing, everyone!

7 thoughts on “Plot Bunny Outbreak

  1. Miss Alexandrina says:

    Hehe, so true.
    I love the first picture; reminds me of brownie and boggart creatures. Indeed, the critters probably act similar – swooping around and getting in the way of other projects. 😛


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