Writer Problems

So I might be wrong, but I think it’s totally acceptable to sprout horns and fangs and a colorful vocabulary this week, however, my family doesn’t agree. They prefer me the way I was before I made a vow to finish this damn book by Friday. Yeah, this Friday.

I don’t know – I think the spindly mounts on my head and my excessively pointy cuspids are quite possibly growing on me. I think I could rock this look. True, the foul language I use with the girl in the mirror who simply isn’t finding enough quiet time to write and my ever increasing lack of patience for all things breathing in this house is a bit of a downer.

You’d think in order to keep the monster at bay, my children would avoid my desk like the plague when they see me sitting at it. But noooooo…that’s the best time to start rough-housing and giving each other bloody lips. Or when they decide to redecorate their room by tossing everything they own onto the floor, which of COURSE soon makes its way into the hallway, where it is waiting for me to pass by on a bathroom break. Twice today I’ve discovered, after stumbling into one of the concrete walls, that it is indeed attached to the floor. It doesn’t require my help supporting it. The kids don’t get this so they keep creating obstacle courses for me to suffer through just to PROVE the wall is where it needs to be – and looks much better withOUT my face plastered on it.

When the hubby gets home – it’s straight into the back of the house I go for some peace and quiet and oh…wait…there’s no WiFi back there, which means I can’t bring up the internet for much needed research references while I write. So that sucks. I guess I’ll have to lock THEM up in the back of the house. Actually, that might work for me. I’ll even be nice enough to provide them with some water.

If you hear about the crazy writer woman from San Diego that went off the deep end this weekend because she didn’t finish her book, uh, it wasn’t me. Of course it wasn’t me. You shouldn’t believe everything you see on the news, you know! Unless it’s about aliens.

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