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For all my readers and supporters…

Thank you for an amazing year!

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I hope you stick around for 2014…

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Goodbye 2013…Hello 2014!

So here I sit on a beautiful Monday morning, ignoring the chores and wondering about 2014. In just hours this year will be over and a new one starts. Like millions of others eager to make changes in their lives, I tend to set myself up with some New Year’s Resolutions myself. Yet this year I’ll do it differently. But before I even attempt to figure out what I want to make happen for next year, I feel it might be helpful (and healthy) to reflect on my handful of resolutions for THIS year first. Not that I really sat down and said – ‘This year I will…’ in fact it was the opposite. I hate New Year’s Resolutions. So easy to make, so easy to break.

#1 – Lose weight. This is a funny one. I met this goal and then totally forgot to keep it. Go ahead and laugh with me – because I KNOW I’m not alone. On the upside I have learned a lot about juicing and clean eating – something that won’t go away any time soon. But I still love pizza. And chocolate. Two of the dirtiest foods out there. My butt should look like this: (___Y___) and instead it looks more like: (_______Y_______). See my problem?

#2 – Publish at least four books. I was almost able to do this – but The Dry Lands is running a tad late. This was a good lesson for how many projects I can work on without going crazy – or being disowned from my family.

#3 – Double my income before years’ end. Since this happened before March – I’d say I’ve met that goal a few times over. I plan on doing this again for 2014 – double my income every year. It’s an attainable goal for now.

#4 – Spend more fun time with my kids. I think this worked for a good half of the year. But I need a clone because when I’m writing they seem MORE eager to distract. We are still working out a routine. Without a clone. Because I’ve not made enough money to have one built yet.

The others were small. Like getting my nails done when I get paid or updating our house stuff. I didn’t write them down. Why? Because I hate resolutions, like I said! lol What will I do differently for 2014? Some of the goals are the same, but the biggest thing will be to draft up an actual business/marketing plan and stick to it. Organization was not my thing when I first started writing – but it was easy to fly by the seat of my pants with just one story in the works. Now there are several. Too many. My head is crowded to maximum capacity but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This year I’d also like to reevaluate my goals every 3mths – make changes where I need them, so I don’t get to December and panic. It can only help, me thinks.

Which leads me to another issue. WHAT will I be working on for 2014? The Dry Lands will be out soon. Obviously Find Me 3 will be next. Then the fun stuff. Should I continue on with my series, or start something new? I think at least one new idea a year is a good thing – at least for ME, as it keeps me from being stuck in the same stories for too long.

This has been my brain for weeks/months – lost in thoughts about the future, which is a waste of time because no matter how much we plan things, life happens the way it happens. My brain needs a chill pill, or a nice tropical vacation with an endless supply of those fruity drinks with paper umbrellas. It’s a beautiful mess up there, this I assure you. But if things were neat and tidy in my head, I suppose I’d be the furthest thing from a writer – and we wouldn’t want that, would we?

Thank you 2013 for being amazing. And 2014 – I’m coming for you.

‘The Dry Lands’ Cover Reveal!

The newest book from Trish Marie Dawson…The Dry Lands, a Hutch & A’ris Novel

On the planet Ernoth the start of an underground movement throws together an unlikely pair: a stubborn Princess, A’ris Brynx, and a lowly wanderer, Krane Hutch. If left to conquer the Dry Lands alone death would be inevitable, but together there is a chance for survival. One is on a mission to save the world – the other on a mission of self-preservation. With so many secrets between them and a price on their heads, will either achieve what they set out to do, or will the journey destroy them both?

This character-driven Science Fiction Fantasy is full of intrigue and discovery. Spiked with lies and secrets. Laced with friendships and betrayals. And of course…loss and love.

Hutch and A’ris are coming soon…

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00071]

Keep your eyes out for the Release info HERE

Cover art by Deb Rogers

Teaser Tuesday

By the time Hutch reached the first set of caves tucked up high in the serrated Scoriah Mountains, his hands were cracked and bleeding and his nose was runny from the cold air. Half the day had passed while he struggled to climb over the foothills and smaller peaks in search of a safe place to sleep for the night. More times than he could count, his footing slipped and the jagged point of the rocky outcrops dug into his shins, arms and chest like shards of glass. Without sustenance he couldn’t heal as quickly as his body allowed.

He hated the place.

Even the caves provided little solace. The largest one he could find was barely deep enough to stretch out in, with only enough height for sitting up. The view overlooked the terrain he had just scrambled over, which was a disappointment as he wanted to see what was beyond the mountain range – not what he already conquered.

And there was something terribly wrong with the air. “What the hell is that stink?”

A gag-worthy odor leaked through the cracked walls of the cave and with the light fading faster than he thought possible, he couldn’t see around his sleeping space to identify the source.

“Smells like curdled milk and dog-shit in here,” he murmured to himself.

The walls felt dry closest to him, so he assumed the rotten smell came from gasses inside the mountain. There wasn’t enough time to look for an odor-free shelter, so he curled up on his side, hoping the breeze would blow hard enough on his face to mask some of the smell. It would take more than luck to survive the night without puking – even more luck to survive the cold.

His last thought of the day wasn’t a pleasant one. I’m screwed completely.

(The Dry Lands, Hutch & A’ris)

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