One of the hardest parts of being a writer for me is not being able to TALK about the story before its release. Most of us Readers enjoy gushing about plots, characters and twists to friends who are reading the same book, or have already finished.

“OH MY GAWD, I can’t believe he did that!” or “Have you gotten to the last chapter yet…hurry up!”

But I can never do this – unless it’s to someone who has no interest in reading the book – which wouldn’t exactly be the best person to dish out details to, would it? lol Spoilers, people. Spoilers.

So as I wrap up the 2nd draft of The Dry Lands, I’m in a constant internal struggle to keep my yap shut. Posting snippets is fun, and that takes a teeny bit of pressure off my brain – but I know how the story ends and I want to TALK about it. It’s 100x worse than reading a book your best friends have yet to read. Trust me. It’s like residing in Literature Hell until publication day. Just pure torture.