Snippet Week – Day Three!

Wednesday – Snippet Week, Day Three!

Sunlight strained into the room through gaps in the heavy curtains, creating ragged shadows up the steps leading to the king’s throne. The room was empty, except for the aging man slumped in the golden chair and the spindly form that stood beside him.

“What you say cannot possibly be true. She would not do this. A’rissandra could not do this. She is but a woman, and a young one at that.”

“Permission to speak openly, your Majesty?”

The king waved an impatient hand in the air, not taking his gaze off the yellow streak of light stretching along the marble floor toward his feet. He feared it would eat him up and spit him back out as dust.

The tall man cleared his throat and shifted the weight of his legs, looking uncomfortable and eager to say his piece and be dismissed.

“Speak, man. I have a day,” the king sighed.

“My apologies. It’s just…well…my sources tell me A’ris…A’rissandra may have been recruited by the Guild. What they need her for is not yet confirmed. But it can’t be good news. It seems she has quite likely betrayed you.” He flinched when the king slowly lifted his eyes from the floor and glowered at him.

“And who are these sources? How am I to know they can be trusted? This is my daughter you speak of. The Princess of Ernoth. Be careful with your words, Messenger.”

“Of course. Yes. But…we have evidence. Proof, your Majesty. And…” the man gulped loud enough for the king to hear. “We have a conspirator in custody.”

One thick eyebrow shot up on the king’s face, but he kept his voice calm. Years of training had prepared him for such things. “Is this true? Well then, I must see this conspirator.”

– The Dry Lands, a Hutch and A’ris novel

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