Snippet Week – Day Two!

Tuesday – Snippet Week, Day Two!

There was no one on the street, not that early in the day, but still A’ris walked with the gun at her side. She rushed into the inn, not bothering to look for Valeen and ran up the stairs, slowing only after she was safely in the room with the door locked. Riot bounced in irritation on the dresser, squawking at her in his nonsense version of the gypsy language.

As the bird cried for Hutch, A’ris struggled to keep herself from collapsing on the ground in a fit of tears. “We’re leaving, Riot. Be quiet and let me pack.”

After rinsing the blood from her hands, she tied her hair back from her face with a long ribbon. She threw the few items she had unpacked into her tote and dumped the rest of the loose belongings into Hutch’s satchel.

In the bathroom she paused to look at her reflection in the mirror. It wasn’t A’rissandra Brynx of the Roanarq’teve clan that stared back at her with sad eyes. That girl was gone, a scorned woman having replaced her. A woman with a mission only death itself could abolish. A’ris Brynx was going to start a war, and she knew that moment blinking into the mirror with red-ringed eyes that she would be on the right side of the battle. The winning side.

“There’s nothing left to see now,” she whispered to the mirror.

– The Dry Lands, a Hutch and A’ris novel

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