Snippet Week – Day Five!

Friday – Snippet Week, Day Five!

Isoif was right — the girl was nowhere to be found in the woods. There simply weren’t enough places to hide. The cliffs dropped straight down to the marshy shore and there didn’t appear to be a safe place to descend for miles. His men must have missed her exiting the parklands and escaping on foot through the streets — it was the only explanation that made sense.

He opened his mouth to bark orders for them to retreat back to the patrol units when the lookout shanty came into view. A pale light was on inside, which meant someone was most likely there. Perhaps whoever it was would offer up a simple explanation for how two people could enter the woody park with cliffs on three sides and then vanish like the early morning fog.

He shoved a guard out of his way and thumped his heavy boots through the soft dirt toward the pathetic building. He could hear the sounds of his men falling in line behind him, pointing their light sticks ahead to illuminate the king’s path. It made the wooden building look even more unstable. If he pushed on one of the walls, he was certain the whole thing would collapse. A warning squawk from a bird pierced the cool, night air and the king’s steps wavered. He didn’t stop, but he drew his weapon. There was definitely someone inside the shanty.

– The Dry Lands, a Hutch and A’ris novel

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