Friday Feature – Brandon Hale!

If you haven’t heard of Science Fiction author Brandon Hale, you must be hiding underneath a rock. Seriously, climb out of there and lounge in the sunshine a moment while I gush about my successful and talented Indie Author friend for a bit.

BHaleI met Brandon online some time ago, not long after pushing the ‘Publish’ button on my first eBook at Amazon. He’s a great guy with some great advice…and books that have garnered a bit of a cult following. Before the ladies get too excited, he’s taken. But you can fantasize all you want, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.

*Total side-note, but I’m quite partial to the lovely photo-shop pic of Brandon on his FB page right now. So much so, that I had to use it in this blog to show him off.* Don’t be angry with me Brandon, you sexy beast.

Anyway…back to Brandon and his talents! Have you read Day Soldiers? I pinched the description of the first book off Amazon to share with you:

Selected by Digital Book Today as one of the Best Kindle Books of 2013…

Book 1 of the Day Soldiers series (Books 2, 3, and 4 are also available. Book 5 is coming soon).

A legion of vampires and werewolves has declared war on the human race.

For ten years now, humanity has been at war with the creatures of darkness. The war has changed the world. The day now belongs to humanity and the night belongs to things once thought to exist only in myths and legends… but there is hope. This new enemy has united humanity and an army has stepped forward to protect the light from the darkness. An army of heroes.

The Day Soldiers.

Eighteen year old Lily Baxter always knew the Day Soldiers would be a major part of her life. She had been preparing for it since she was eight. She was ready to go to war. The one thing she wasn’t prepared for was the day the war came to her.

Part horror, part comedy, part adventure, Day Soldiers will take you on an exciting ride through a world where monsters are monsters and the only thing they fall in love with is the taste of human blood.

Day Soldiers Saga

Or what about The Man From Newella

TMFNewellaWelcome to the Crimson Age

On July 14, 2081, the sky rained blood, the animals turned against humanity, and the shadows learned how to walk the dead. It didn’t take long for our fragile civilization to crumble.

That was the beginning of the Crimson Age, which lasted the better part of two decades. Life was tough in those days. Humanity was spiraling downward and there seemed to be no way out.

Then he came.

Most people say he was from Newella, Earth’s first lunar colony. Truth is, nobody really knows. Far as the world was concerned, he was nobody and he came from nowhere.

He came and he changed… everything.

The Sheriff’s Tale is the exciting first story in the Man From Newella series. Each novella is designed to be fast and fun, able to be read in one to two sittings (this issue is around 20,000 words).

This series is about the early adventures of the man from Newella, before he became a legend.

So kick back and enjoy your time in the Crimson Age. Life’s rough here, but it’s never boring.

And remember, there’s plenty more on the way. This is just the beginning…

You can find out more about this Science Fiction and Fantasy writer by checking out his Website today!

If you want to stalk…er, follow Brandon, you can find him on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to tell him that Trish, his crazy writer friend, sent you. He’ll laugh, and then check to see that the restraining order is still in effect. 😉

New Things

There are some things in this life that I avoid like sleeping rattlesnakes. I’ve encountered several on hiking trails before and the fix for that is simply turning around and going back the way I came. Really quiet-like, maybe with a slight skip in my gait. I’d never, of course, poke that rattlesnake to get it to move for me. Anyway, I digress. Let’s talk about other things I love to avoid. For example, learning weird things about a new theme on my blog that shouldn’t be so hard to figure out. Things that are easy for Rocket Scientists or Web Designers, but not me. Never me.

OMG WTFThis ‘new thing’ had me so stumped I broke down trying to figure it out on my own and went to the WP forums for help. But after refreshing my page for an hour, chasing my son back into the house, making a smoothie, going to the bathroom – twice, and catching the tail end of What Would You Do I realized no one was coming to my rescue any time soon. So I got up and walked away. Don’t judge me – the desire to punch my computer screen was becoming too strong. At some point when I was picking strawberry seeds out of my front teeth, it dawned on me that perhaps the theme page itself (where the features are all laid out) might give me the answers I sought. I decided to return to the computer and poke that rattlesnake with a stick (super gently, of course) till it woke up and graciously moved out of my way.

See, I’ve never had a WP theme with a toggle menu in the header menu with a button to click on that displayed my Social Link buttons. And I could NOT figure out how to get my social link buttons to display under this toggle menu/header menu thing. Confused? Yeah, so was I. But guess what…I ended up learning said ‘new thing’ today once finding the instructions on the individual theme page. This might sound ridiculously silly to you, but I bounced in my seat and clapped my hands like a seal once I realized…IT WORKED. *sigh*

What is the point of this post? I don’t know. Maybe to tell WP users to check the theme details before freaking out (like I did) and having a pointless OMG, WTF?! moment (like I did…there were several, in fact). Maybe to tell my readers that I still have hair left on my head (there may or may not be sore spots where I tugged on my scalp in utter frustration). Maybe it’s a simple, ‘The world is a safer place now, because TMD is no longer having homicidal urges…’ kind of moment. Either way…have a happy Tuesday, everyone. I survived.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

You know, you don’t need to be in a relationship with a lover to celebrate today. Think of V Day as the one day a year when it’s okay to be extra loving to your friends, family, and yep, even strangers. Offer up a super big smile to someone. A warm handshake. A tight hug. A hearty laugh.

You can love anyone today.

So do it well. Beating Heart Gif

Pumpkin Pancakes!

Happy Meatless Monday, y’all!

Today for my family I made one of our favorites: Pumpkin Pancakes. Even my stubborn, food snob, picky-eating 5 year-old son loves these things. They are easy to make, better for you than regular pancakes and Vegan!

So, to start, measure out your regular pancake mix for 4-6 servings and put into a large mixing bowl. Then add the following:

  • 2 cups of water (give or take, depending on how thin you want your pancakes)
  • Add half a can of pureed pumpkin
  • Cinnamon Sugar to taste (I use 2 tsp)

Mix well until most lumps are smooth. You want your batter to be thin enough to pour, so you may have to add more water until you have a desired consistency. Cook as usual, butter/margarine/syrup as usual, but keep in mind that pumpkin is very filling, so you won’t want to over-serve the family.

What are the benefits of pureed pumpkin? Check out what Livestrong has to say:

  • Low in calories (major bonus!)
  • Excellent source of Fiber (7 grams in one cup serving, which meets up to 18-33% of daily health needs)
  • Loads of Vitamin A (great for vision, immune system, heart, lungs and kidneys, not to mention its a beta-carotene)
  • Iron (3.4 milligrams in one cup)

We keep several cans of pureed pumpkin in the cupboards at all times – because we use it a lot and it’s not always easy to find at our local Trader Joe’s. Hope you give them a try if you haven’t already! YUMMY!!

Happy eating, everyone!

Review Love

I have awesome readers, and yes, I’m totally bragging.

I had to copy and paste the reviews for Dying to Forget from this past week, because…well…they just rock! Enjoy. 🙂 And thank you to all who’ve read, reviewed and shared this story. You are AMAZEBALLS.

“Amazing. This was so much better then I could ever imagine! It’s heart wrenching, happy, exciting nd it makes you question a lot about life. Not to mention the way it leaves off!!! 1000000/10”

“A fresh perspective on teenage [pressures]. This book took a look at intense and difficult subjects like suicide, depression, and sexual assault and dissipate the painful subject matter, managed to make the optimistic in their ability to help others. Rather than trying to hide the trauma in the character’s lives, the author acknowledges it and tries to help the characters get passed the most difficult time of their life. It was well written and offered a fresh retrospective on what happens after death and how we all need support and second chances when dealing with trauma.”

“Dying to Forget. Different than anything I have ever read before. I really enjoyed. Did not want to put it down. Want to get back to reading.”

“Shockingly good. This is a really sad book I love it though I knew it would have a twist ending I can’t wait to read the next one.”

“Dying to Forget. Suicide is a taboo subject. This book was very well written. It gave a different point of view on suicide. It was captivating and I could not stop reading it.”

“Book one. Great book!! Very detailed. Also has very true life problems. Made me want to keep reading! Can’t wait for the next book.”

“Great read! I rarely buy books either on paper on my kindle but this one had me hooked. I got the first one free and the next two I paid for – gladly! Thanks for the great read!”

“Dying to Forget. This book was awesome, couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait for book two. Ready to follow the characters to a happy ending.”