‘The Dry Lands’ Launch Day Party – Game 5!

Okay, guys – here is your last chance to play for a paperback copy of The Dry Lands! If you share, use the hashtag #HutchnAris – thank you!

The last game of the evening has three parts. You’ll have to take a trip down memory lane for this one. 😉 Post the first memory that comes to mind with each of the three things posted below (doesn’t have to be an old memory). Have fun!

#1 – Song, I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

#2 – TV Show, The X Files

Thexfiles#3 – Movie, Titanic

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17 thoughts on “‘The Dry Lands’ Launch Day Party – Game 5!

  1. Shawna says:

    1. My honeymoon in Hawaii and hearing Somewhere Over the Rainbow by IZ.
    2. Watching Mulder and Scully with my mom after all the other kids had gone to bed and trying to beat each other to figuring out the plot… and waiting for them to fall in love. LOL.
    3. Longest movie ever to sit through at the theater… and secretly wishing I was Jack’s Rose… with her wardrobe… but sans the whole sinking ship in frigid waters part.


  2. Amy says:

    1. Singing “I’m Yours” to my furbabies cause I have no special someone to sing it to. My dog would look at me like I’m nuts which would make me sing it all the more.
    2. The X Files was the shiz! First tv series I can remember watching religiously. I couldn’t watch the episodes out of order.
    3. I saw Titanic in the theater when it came out and I cried my eyes out when Jack died!


  3. Diane says:

    1. My sister. She loves that song.
    2. Barenaked Ladies. “We’re watching X Files with no lights on.”
    3. “I’ll never let go, Jack!” As she’s prying him loose. She lied! LOL


  4. Sudha says:

    1. When I realized and I was growing older I wanted to set my future and do was I was good at. Right then, I divulged myself even more in music and started playing.
    2.Watching epic twist scenes of sacrifice in The Walking Dead makes so many feels.
    3.There was suspense in the slow moment of their lips drawing nearer. It took nearly a minute of me peeking through bushes spying on two having a first kiss.


  5. carpediem5366 says:

    The first reminds me when Florida banned the hot dig carry girls from wearing things in the beach lol

    2.the truth is out there. Thanks to this show, I an still afraid of porto a potties. Lol.

    3.an ex boyfriend told me, I would survive longer than him so I had to go in the water. Yes u we were dating when this movie came c out, though not long Lmao


    • trishmarie says:

      OMG! Glad you weren’t dating THAT guy for long! LOL And…The fluke man is like my favorite episode ever! Though it’s really called The Host, I can’t NOT refer to it as the fluke man. LOL


  6. Daizy Case says:

    1. that hat… all I can think about my son running around in his fedoras. He loves his hats. He is such a little man.
    2. What the hell was wrong with me. Why did I listen to Aaron and not watch the xfiles? Thank God they are now on netflix.
    3. “the only movies that are good with Leo in them are the ones where he dies”


  7. heartlessauthor says:

    1. Flipping through the radio stations while driving in my car for a song more to my tastes 😉

    2. Still don’t know very much about the show.. Wasn’t allowed to watch it growing up and so now just one of those shows in the back of my mind that I may get around to checking out if someone were to ever recommend it.

    3. Playing “My Heart Will Go On” on the piano.


  8. hodgescheryl says:

    OMG that song makes me think of my husband trying to sing it @karaoke night drunk at a Mexican restaurant in the middle of nowhere during vacation to Florida!!
    X-Files-what else,, foxy Fox Mulder!! I had the hots for him and loved the series and movies
    After watching that 3hrs plus movie I was so upset Jack died in the end I kept screaming in theater for him to climb on that piece of wood they were holding onto !


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