Review Love

I have awesome readers, and yes, I’m totally bragging.

I had to copy and paste the reviews for Dying to Forget from this past week, because…well…they just rock! Enjoy. 🙂 And thank you to all who’ve read, reviewed and shared this story. You are AMAZEBALLS.

“Amazing. This was so much better then I could ever imagine! It’s heart wrenching, happy, exciting nd it makes you question a lot about life. Not to mention the way it leaves off!!! 1000000/10”

“A fresh perspective on teenage [pressures]. This book took a look at intense and difficult subjects like suicide, depression, and sexual assault and dissipate the painful subject matter, managed to make the optimistic in their ability to help others. Rather than trying to hide the trauma in the character’s lives, the author acknowledges it and tries to help the characters get passed the most difficult time of their life. It was well written and offered a fresh retrospective on what happens after death and how we all need support and second chances when dealing with trauma.”

“Dying to Forget. Different than anything I have ever read before. I really enjoyed. Did not want to put it down. Want to get back to reading.”

“Shockingly good. This is a really sad book I love it though I knew it would have a twist ending I can’t wait to read the next one.”

“Dying to Forget. Suicide is a taboo subject. This book was very well written. It gave a different point of view on suicide. It was captivating and I could not stop reading it.”

“Book one. Great book!! Very detailed. Also has very true life problems. Made me want to keep reading! Can’t wait for the next book.”

“Great read! I rarely buy books either on paper on my kindle but this one had me hooked. I got the first one free and the next two I paid for – gladly! Thanks for the great read!”

“Dying to Forget. This book was awesome, couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait for book two. Ready to follow the characters to a happy ending.”

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