New Things

There are some things in this life that I avoid like sleeping rattlesnakes. I’ve encountered several on hiking trails before and the fix for that is simply turning around and going back the way I came. Really quiet-like, maybe with a slight skip in my gait. I’d never, of course, poke that rattlesnake to get it to move for me. Anyway, I digress. Let’s talk about other things I love to avoid. For example, learning weird things about a new theme on my blog that shouldn’t be so hard to figure out. Things that are easy for Rocket Scientists or Web Designers, but not me. Never me.

OMG WTFThis ‘new thing’ had me so stumped I broke down trying to figure it out on my own and went to the WP forums for help. But after refreshing my page for an hour, chasing my son back into the house, making a smoothie, going to the bathroom – twice, and catching the tail end of What Would You Do I realized no one was coming to my rescue any time soon. So I got up and walked away. Don’t judge me – the desire to punch my computer screen was becoming too strong. At some point when I was picking strawberry seeds out of my front teeth, it dawned on me that perhaps the theme page itself (where the features are all laid out) might give me the answers I sought. I decided to return to the computer and poke that rattlesnake with a stick (super gently, of course) till it woke up and graciously moved out of my way.

See, I’ve never had a WP theme with a toggle menu in the header menu with a button to click on that displayed my Social Link buttons. And I could NOT figure out how to get my social link buttons to display under this toggle menu/header menu thing. Confused? Yeah, so was I. But guess what…I ended up learning said ‘new thing’ today once finding the instructions on the individual theme page. This might sound ridiculously silly to you, but I bounced in my seat and clapped my hands like a seal once I realized…IT WORKED. *sigh*

What is the point of this post? I don’t know. Maybe to tell WP users to check the theme details before freaking out (like I did) and having a pointless OMG, WTF?! moment (like I did…there were several, in fact). Maybe to tell my readers that I still have hair left on my head (there may or may not be sore spots where I tugged on my scalp in utter frustration). Maybe it’s a simple, ‘The world is a safer place now, because TMD is no longer having homicidal urges…’ kind of moment. Either way…have a happy Tuesday, everyone. I survived.