Interview with Hutch & A’ris!

Well, it’s Friday – finally! And like promised, I have the stars from The Dry Lands here today for an interview. Everyone, meet the rugged Krane Hutch and our heroine, A’rissandra Brynx! While you settle in with your eBook copy of TDL with a cup of coffee, or something a bit stronger, I’ll get Hutch and A’ris situated in their seats.

469925ce1cef18560ef8bae49830fc6edc83d1beca133a254a16fc89fd047883*fluffs sofa pillows…arranges water cups…dusts off keyboard* Ready?

TMD: So, I’ll start with A’ris. Ladies first. *wink*

KH: Are you sure she’s a lady? *ducks from flying pillow hurled by a flushed-faced A’ris*

TMD: Fine, I’ll start with you, Hutch.

AB: She did say ladies first. *giggles*

TMD: *clears throat* Okay…Hutch. I think readers would like to know more about your little tryst on the Worker ship that got you tossed, quite literally, onto the Dry Lands.

AB: *giggles stop* Yeah, Hutch. Tell us about your tryst.

KH: *smiles sweetly* I have a way with the ladies. Let’s just say it was an experience I’ll never forget.

AB: *mumbles something under her breath*

TMD: What was that, A’ris?

AB: *lifts chin and straightens shoulders* Of course he won’t forget it. He was thrown out of a hovering ship to the ground where he broke most of the bones in his body…all because he couldn’t keep his pants on.

KH: Who said I took my pants off?

AB: *gasps* You’re horrible!

TMD: If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re trying not to laugh, A’ris.

AB: I am not! *clamps hand over mouth*

KH: *leans over to poke A’ris in the ribs* She’s a really bad liar, can’t you tell.

TMD: And you consider yourself a trust-worthy person, Hutch?

*the room falls under an awkward silence*

AB: Are you going to answer that, Hutch?

KH: *pauses* Well. I’d say I’m a good man who has done more than a few not so great things. Some…bad things, actually. Would I call myself trust-worthy? I don’t know.

AB: *rolls her eyes* Of course you are. *looks at me* He is. Though he’s made some mistakes. But haven’t we all?

TMD: Yes. We have. *clears throat* A’ris, can you tell us more about your relationship with your father? Why are the two of you so estranged?

AB: *sighs* I had a feeling you would ask about him.

TMD: *smiles* That is my job.

AB: *laughs hollowly* Yes, it is. Well. What can I say about my father? He’s a bastard. A selfish man that wants nothing but his own pleasure. And now that I know he’s kept our planet poor and destitute on purpose, it makes me hate him more.

TMD: Did something happen between the two of you that brought those feelings to the surface?

AB: *squirms uncomfortably* I can’t talk about…that. Not yet.

TMD: Okay. Moving on.

KH: Yes, lets. You’ve made the girl uneasy.

TMD: And you are quite protective of ‘the girl’, aren’t you?

KH: *smiles* I have my moments.

TMD: Hutch. Would you say you’ve changed, since meeting A’ris?

*watches as color begins flushing his neck*

KH: Sure, haven’t we all?

AB: *playfully slaps Hutch’s leg* Behave.

KH: I am. This is me – behaving.

TMD: What about you, A’ris? Have you changed?

AB: *leans back and stares up at the ceiling beams* Oh, yes. I’d say everything has changed. In good ways and bad. But meeting Hutch has been a surprise.

KH: A happy one?

AB: Can’t you be serious for one minute, Hutch?

KH: I am being serious. I can’t drive you crazy all the time, can I?

TMD: Sure you can. I think you drive each other crazy in equal amounts. It’s what makes your relationship work. Or am I wrong?

AB: No, you are not. Next question?

TMD: Just one left. *shuffles papers* A’ris, TDL ends on quite a cliff-hanger. Can you give us any insight into what happens next?

AB: *chews lower lip* Hmmm. If I could tell the future, you’d bet I’d want that question answered above all others.

TMD: So, nothing? No tid-bits?

KH: The Princess gets to use a gun, right? Tell me, she does. Because I really want to see that. *ducks as A’ris lifts another pillow* What? Not every girl can pull off that look, and you do it nicely. *takes a face-full of pillow with a laugh*

AB: I apologize for his brutish behavior. He’s not been properly trained. *swallows a laugh* But he’s right. I wear a gun rather well.

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Kurtuku and Goom-jigi!

Every once in a while I go through older things I’ve written, and today I came across this email I sent out about five years ago to family and friends. I had to share it, as it brought one of those ridiculously goofy smiles to my face. Shanti.

In my daily endeavors to teach acceptance, diversity and peace to my children I stumbled upon a children’s book called “Can you say Peace” by Karen Katz. It’s a book my children enjoyed from the first read. The pictures portray children of different Countries around the world and the many ways to say ‘Peace’ in their languages.
My daughter and her 5 year old memory took on a certain liking of the Peace words ‘Kurtuku’ – from the Warnman people of Austrailia and ‘Goom-jigi’ – from the Buli people of Ghana. For days it was ‘goom-jee-jee’ this and ‘kur-TU-ku’ that, with the random Japanese version, ‘Heiwa’ or ‘hey-wah’ and the Bolivian ‘Mojjsa kamana’ (moh-khash ka-mah-neeah). We took a few trips out that week. To the grocery store, my 5 year old greeted a confused child with ‘Kurtuku!’ and at Home Depot while I was searching for window locks, she made up a song ‘la la la laaa laaaa, kurtuku and goom-jigi, goom-jigi, goom-jigi, kurtuku! la la la la laaa laaaa laaaaaaaaaa…’. Needless to say, tho I loved the hidden meaning of her words, everyone around us had confused and almost sympathetic expressions on their faces. I could almost imagine what they were thinking, ‘That poor child, maybe she is autistic, such a happy yet, incoherent, girl…’ but I kept a smile on my face and answered my daughter with ‘Mir!’ (Russia’s take on Peace) and ‘He ping!’ (from China).
As we neared the self-checkout counter I began riffling thru my purchases and my daughter walked up to the teller who was on duty, and very clearly and loudly said to her ‘Goom-jigi!’ when the teller nervously smiled at her and glanced away, my daughter then added, ‘It means PEACE in Ghana, did you know that??’ The teller’s countenance went from a passive and indifferent look to one of suprise and interest. ‘No, I did not know that’, she said to my daughter and looked up at me with a sly smile. My smart little 5 year old continuted without pause, ‘And Kurtuku to you too! Do you know what that means?’ When the teller just smiled at her, I knew she was waiting for my daughter to explain, and she did…’it’s Austria’s way to say PEACE, Kurtuku!’ Without looking at her, but smiling, I gently corrected her and said ‘Australia, sweety, not Austria.’
As I finished with my items and bagged them, I kissed my son’s toes, who was sitting in the front of the shopping cart and told my daughter it was time to go. She was in such a happy mood, singing her made up song about Peace in two different languages. I smiled at the teller, said thanks and passed by her, then my daughter turned around and ran back to her and hugged her without permission. The teller was at first surprised, then quickly hugged her back and told her she was such a beautiful young girl and asked me what her name was so I told her.
My daughter beamed up at her with inner pride and said ‘Goom-jigi!’ to her. The teller, who looked refreshed and suddenly happy to be at work, bent down and said to her with a big smile, ‘Kurtuku, Rory’.

Character Interview with Hutch & A’ris – Friday!

Mark your calendars, because we have a very special interview coming up later this week. You’ve got until Friday to read up on Hutch and A’ris, because they’re taking a break from The Dry Lands to come and talk to us for as long as it takes Hutch to drink a cup of rash. Which isn’t long. But hey, it’s Hutch, ladies. I’ll ask him to sip slowly.

These two are hilarious together, but I can’t promise they’ll behave.

Friday. Be there for their first public interview. #HutchnAris

‘The Dry Lands’ has arrived!

The Dry Lands, a Hutch and A’ris novel

Some secrets are worth keeping, and others are worth dying for.

On the desolate planet of Ernoth, a runaway princess and a mysterious traveler become an unlikely pair when the two cross paths in the unforgiving Dry Lands. As an underground movement struggles to overthrow the Dark King, a long-feared prophecy flirts with destiny, an act that could unleash answers to some of the planet’s most dangerous secrets. Together, the fiery red-head, A’ris Brynx and the rugged Krane Hutch, must do one thing – survive.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00071]It’s LIVE!!



It’s only $2.99 till Wednesday, so take advantage of the discount before it goes back up to normal price! You can spread the word by using the hashtag #HutchnAris or share this post on your media sites. Every share and mention helps!

‘The Dry Lands’ Launch Party Winners!

Thank you to everyone who came by today and played the Launch Party games! The winners were notified under their comments, all randomly chosen.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the official release – and the book will be discounted for the day, a great incentive to grab up your copy – and don’t forget to tell your friends so they can take advantage of the special release price, too!!

Hope you had a fantastic Monday!