Snippet Sunday!

There were so many new faces to learn I knew it would be impossible to remember anyone by name after being introduced to the tenth person. Just like with my small group in the Laguna Mountains, there were more men at the Ark than women. But there were also children. It was a surreal feeling, being surrounded by strangers again.

It was windy outside as we walked from the sleeping quarters to the longhouse for dinner. Kris had gone ahead of me with the others, which left me and Drake bringing up the rear. As I fought to keep my braided hair out of my face, Drake grumbled about our arrangements and cursed at our surroundings.

“You can go any time you’d like, remember?” I said, annoyed at his immaturity.

“I will. Once I find somewhere better,” he answered, kicking at the dirt as he walked beside me. I stopped and pulled on his arm till he turned to face me. The breeze whipped around his head, blowing his dark hair around in a dance.

“Give it a few days, at least, before you label this place a complete failure, will you?” I pleaded.

He frowned down at me. “This place sucks.”

“You sound like a petulant kid right now. We have shelter, food, water and medical help. Which we all agreed we needed, even you.”

Drake yanked his arm free from my grasp, which I hadn’t realized I still had on him, and crossed his arms at his chest. “One week. I’ll know by then if there’s anything here worth staying for.” He turned away and I watched his back as he stormed toward the longhouse, his pace quick and forced.

I let him reach the doors before I followed, rubbing at the chill on my arms and wondering how long it would take before Arizona felt like home. If it ever did.

– Find Me 3

6 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday!

  1. Rachelle McKenna says:

    Hello when is the 4th book coming out for the station series? ????

    From my Android phone on T-Mobile. The first nationwide 4G network.


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