Meatless Monday – Juicing!

Hi y’all! Today my menu will be super simple – nothing but juice! I need to detox from an unhealthy weekend…so no better way to do that then with a natural cleanse of vegetables and fruits (as well as some flax and turmeric and coconut water).

juicing (Image from Bing)

Brunch was jam packed with antioxidants (mixed berries, cucumber and some already ground flax seed with some coconut water).

Afternoon snack will be full of energy (banana, orange, mixed berries and spinach with a dash of turmeric).

Dinner will be filling (banana, mixed berries, cucumber and celery, flax and spinach).

And if I still want a snack before bed, I’ll do something simple (strawberries, blueberries and arugula with some coconut water).

What’s on your menu today for Meatless Monday??? 😀

*Images pulled from Bing free image search*

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