Who Wants a FREE Audiobook?

Hold on to your seats, ladies and gents…

It’s time to give away another free copy of the ‘I Hope You Find Me’ audiobook! I only have a few of these promo codes left…so snatch them up while you can! It’s a $20 value, y’all…talk about a killer savings!

So…what do you have to do to win this free audiobook? Don’t worry, I won’t be asking for your first born child (I already have two…and they are enough, thank you very much), and you don’t need to donate a pint of blood (I’m over those cravings for the time being). What’s best is that you don’t have to run around the internet – you can stay right here on the blog! I don’t even care if you’ve showered today or gotten dressed. *wink, wink*

Get to the POINT, you say? Okay then, here it is: I’d love to hear what your favorite TMDBook is…be it a book from one of my series, or a short story. And then I want to know WHY it’s your favorite TMDBook. That’s it. Seriously, does it get ANY easier? Post your answer in a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random, so keep your fingers, arms, legs and toes crossed. Because someone WILL be getting a free audiobook!


In case you aren’t sold yet…listen to the sample HERE done by the amazing Erin Spencer.

15 thoughts on “Who Wants a FREE Audiobook?

      • Maria Quinn says:

        I should’ve played the “I’m partially-sighted card”…maaaaan!!

        = p

        (I am by the way…but I’m being sarcastic -I know too many Americans who do not ‘get’ the Scottish sarcastic way I am…that’s why I’m spelling that out there… I don’t for a second think any of you are daft and need things spelled out!! (Also, when it’s over the interweb -love using that word- thigs can lose their sarcasm and appear really rude;
        I’m not! I’m only mildly rude! = p


  1. kristin says:

    My favorite so far is Dying to Forget. I can really relate to the feeling of hopelessness piper experiences. It was so real for me. And dealing with the things she experienced is so hard. I know what it feels like to think you have no way out.


  2. hodgescheryl says:

    My absolute favorite book of yours would have to be ” Hope you find me” the first book to your find me series. The number one reason for me besides the AWESOME writing, this was so different than any other paranormal, apocalypse story I had ever read it’s different in the way that our characters are dealing with dead spirits instead of “zombies” which made it so real and scary for me but at the same time exciting as all heck!! Plus I was born and raised in sunny southern California in Newport beach, growing up my family and I would spend our summer in San Diego at the Coronado hotel beach resort so when reading this story it totally took me back to a great place in my life, even if I was reading something a bit scary !! This book was also the first book I had read of Trish’s and I became a HUGE fan after that. So thanks Trish for your great, inspirational, books luv them ((;


  3. Maria Quinn says:

    The station -the first one…I read it when I was VERY close to the edge and reading it helped me back into the “real” world…even though the book isn’t set there really…haha!!


      • hodgescheryl says:

        @font-face{font-family:Calibri;panose-1:2 15 5 2 2 2 4 3 2 4;}Hi Trish, just wanted you to know I did get my free audio book “IHYFM” yesterday I was having problems downloading it so customer support @ audio book is working on it. As soon as it’s downloaded I’m going to listen to it ((; it’s actually my very first audio book so I’m in for a treat!! Thank you so much again Trish. Cheryl Hodges (( ;


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