Who Wants a FREE Audiobook?

Hold on to your seats, ladies and gents…

It’s time to give away another free copy of the ‘I Hope You Find Me’ audiobook! I only have a few of these promo codes left…so snatch them up while you can! It’s a $20 value, y’all…talk about a killer savings!

So…what do you have to do to win this free audiobook? Don’t worry, I won’t be asking for your first born child (I already have two…and they are enough, thank you very much), and you don’t need to donate a pint of blood (I’m over those cravings for the time being). What’s best is that you don’t have to run around the internet – you can stay right here on the blog! I don’t even care if you’ve showered today or gotten dressed. *wink, wink*

Get to the POINT, you say? Okay then, here it is: I’d love to hear what your favorite TMDBook is…be it a book from one of my series, or a short story. And then I want to know WHY it’s your favorite TMDBook. That’s it. Seriously, does it get ANY easier? Post your answer in a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random, so keep your fingers, arms, legs and toes crossed. Because someone WILL be getting a free audiobook!


In case you aren’t sold yet…listen to the sample HERE done by the amazing Erin Spencer.

Station Series Redesign…Say WHAT?!

Oh yeah…it’s time to redesign some covers. I love the look of the Station books, but with some help from my cover designer, we have decided to shake things up a bit and will be working on a whole new representation for the series. I cannot wait! Of course y’all will be the first to see the new covers when they are done!

Tell me, if you could design your own version of DYING to FORGET, DYING to REMEMBER and DYING to RETURN…how do you think they’d look?? Leave me a comment and let me know – your opinions could be considered in the final product! 🙂

Did You Know… There’s A Frog That Can Freeze Itself Solid Then Thaw Out And Come Back to Life


Higher Learning

The North American wood frog has one of the most amazing adaptations I’ve ever seen or heard of: in winter, it turns itself into a frogsicle.

The moment it touches an ice crystal, signals are set off which cause it to pull water away from the center of its body, encasing the internal organs in a pool of water which then freezes. Though the frog is not dead, its heart stops beating and all other organ activity ceases as well.

When it warms back up, the frog thaws out and goes on with its life! Check out this video that talks about it in a little more depth:

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Free Audiobook!

I have another audiobook of I HOPE YOU FIND ME to give away!

Yep, it’s FREE! That’s a savings of almost $20!! WHOA!


How can you snag a copy? I’m making it easy – pick a number between 100 and 1,000. You have one guess. The first person to pick the correct number (or the closest to it by the end of Wednesday, April 9th) will get a free audio copy of the first Find Me book. 🙂

See…told ya it was easy! Now…leave your guess in a comment below!

Good luck!