Thoughts on Indie Author Separation at the RT Convention Signing in New Orleans


So, for those of you who have been following the news from New Orleans, I’d like to offer my perspective on what happened during the Giant Book Fair on Saturday when self-published authors were separated from the traditionally published authors and put in a different room, then crammed into tables less than what we’d been told.

Disappointment is the nicest thing I can say. For a conference and an organization that has been vocally supportive of indie authors, I expected better. Indie authors paid the same price for registration as traditionally published authors, but we received less table space and less traffic. We were harder to find because we were in a completely different room. And from what some readers said, if they wanted to buy both traditional books and indie books, they had to stand in completely separate lines. (This is second-hand, as I did not buy any books.)…

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