How A Goat Ended His Hunger Strike After Re-Uniting With His Best Friend, A Donkey (Video)

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The Animal Place is a non-profit sanctuary in California for abused and/or abandoned farm animals. Recently, they rescued a goat named Mr. G from an animal hoarder, who had been keeping a number of animals under terrible living conditions.

While living with the hoarder, Mr. G had developed a close bond with a donkey (also known as a burro) named Jellybean. When the animals were rescued however, Jellybean was sent to a different sanctuary. Mr. G was distraught- he sat depressed in a corner of his barn, refusing to eat or go outside for six days.

So one of the volunteers at Animal Place decided to make the 14-hour roundtrip to bring Jellybean to the same sanctuary where Mr. G was being kept. What happened when they re-united is truly beautiful.

Animals may not be quite as intelligent as we are, but many of them, especially mammals, have very highly developed emotional intelligence and are…

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Awesome Summer Distractions from

The Blog

And the livin’ is easy

?George Gershwin

The hot months will soon arrive in the Northern Hemisphere and if you’re like us, you’re planning a little time off from your regular routine. We’ve got some sites to inspire you to make new dishes, read new books, and even appreciate an age-old form of entertainment. No matter your passion, there’s an active community talking about your interests.

Simple Provisions

If you’re looking for easy and delicious meals, Amelia Crook, the blogger at Simple Provisions, has you covered. According to Amelia, “Food does not need to be fancy to be celebrated,” and we couldn’t agree more. We’re planning to celebrate her grilled kale and chickpea salad for starters and could easily lose ourselves in her culinary wonderland.


The Savvy Reader

Is time spent with a good book part of your summer agenda? Check out The Savvy Reader

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This Biologist Is Capturing the Mysterious Creatures of the Deep Like Never Before (Pictures/Video)

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Alexander Semenov is a renowned marine biologist as well as an exceptional photographer. Semenov has gained notoriety over the years for his epic photos of deep-sea life, but now he wants to take it to the next level.

Semenov is leading a team of divers, scientists, sailors, photographers, and videographers on a 3-year, 30,000-nautical mile journey to capture the lives of deep-sea creatures  while simultaneously capturing the public imagination with the expedition’s photos and videos. Here’s Semenov describing the goals of the mission:

“We want to show how interesting and unique the life can be, if you chase your dreams… We’re going to explore the whole new area of science mixed with art and stories. We’re going to discover the source of knowledge and inspiration for the next generations. And tons of new species as well.”

Aquatilis Expedition, as its known, will cost a total of $4 million, and Semenov is still raising funds through an

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