How A Goat Ended His Hunger Strike After Re-Uniting With His Best Friend, A Donkey (Video)

Higher Learning

The Animal Place is a non-profit sanctuary in California for abused and/or abandoned farm animals. Recently, they rescued a goat named Mr. G from an animal hoarder, who had been keeping a number of animals under terrible living conditions.

While living with the hoarder, Mr. G had developed a close bond with a donkey (also known as a burro) named Jellybean. When the animals were rescued however, Jellybean was sent to a different sanctuary. Mr. G was distraught- he sat depressed in a corner of his barn, refusing to eat or go outside for six days.

So one of the volunteers at Animal Place decided to make the 14-hour roundtrip to bring Jellybean to the same sanctuary where Mr. G was being kept. What happened when they re-united is truly beautiful.

Animals may not be quite as intelligent as we are, but many of them, especially mammals, have very highly developed emotional intelligence and are…

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