NEW RELEASE!! ‘NILES’ A Station Series Novelette

The first of three Station Series novelettes has arrived at Amazon!

Sometimes the day you die, is just the first day of your new job.

Fans of reluctant heroine, Piper Willow (The Station Series) will be happy to read this brand new story about her charismatic Intake Specialist, Niles Abbott, and how he came to arrive at the Station. Told from his perspective, readers get an insight into the inner workings of Niles’ mind, and his first experiences in the after-life. Who was he before he died, and who is he now? The answers are waiting for you…

Grab it HERE for only $1.99 on AMAZON

NILEScover_4Haven’t read the Station Series yet?

You can start today with a FREE copy of DYING to FORGET!

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It’s almost time for a NEW RELEASE! If you’ve read the Station series, you are already familiar with Miss Piper Willow and her gang. Well, soon you’ll be able to learn a little more about her Mentor – Niles Abbott! He’s a reader favorite, there’s no denying that, and this Friday you can get your hands on HIS story…


NILEScover_4Next month you won’t want to miss Mallory’s story…and in August, Kerry-Anne’s! Each novelette can be read out of order, before or after The Station Series (however, knowing Piper’s story will make these novelettes much more powerful, that’s for sure).

So tell your friends – tell your family – NILES is Coming! Friday, 6-27!


I kind of love it when a book is thisclose to being released and only needs one thing – the COVER!

For those of you Station lovers, you ask often about some of the main characters in Piper’s world, and I have listened! I know I’ve said it before, but just in case you missed the news, this summer I’ll be releasing three novelettes (under 10k words – but more than 5k words). Niles, Mallory and Kerry-Anne will each have their moment to shine…hopefully giving those of you a little Station high for the warmer months this year. Niles will be first, and his cover is currently being worked on (first by me, then by my awesome cover designer). I can’t wait to get it out there and into YOUR hands! Keep your eyes peeled for the cover reveal and release date announcement!

The Station, Niles – COMING SOON to a KINDLE near YOU!

This Weeks Featured Author is…Suzie O’Connell


This Weeks Featured Author is...Suzie O'Connell

Suzie O’Connell grew up in a small town on the Kitsap Peninsula in Western Washington but has called the mountains and valleys of Western Montana home for well over a decade. She has been writing stories since she was old enough to know how and completed her first novel before she graduated from high school. After high school, tired of the endless rain, she attended college at the University of Montana-Western and graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Writing.

When she isn’t writing, Suzie enjoys playing in the mountains with her husband Mark, their daughter Maddie and their energetic golden retriever Reilly. She is also a hobby photographer, specializing in landscapes.

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