Mallory says, “That’s a wrap!”

Today I finished Mallory’s story – her novelette that will be released this summer! It’s with the editor, which means I can stretch out my neck for a few hours before starting Kerry-Anne’s tale. And then – BOOM – it will be time to do the covers and get ready for releases! Here’s a snippet from Mallory’s story…


I fidget with the card in my hand, knowing there is a life attached to it. Krista smiles and offers me a hug over the desk. And not just any hug; her arms wrap all the way around my top half and though I try and turn my head to the side, my face ends up smashed against Krista’s neck before she releases me. Sensing my surprise, she laughs with a shrug and says, “Sorry, but it looked like you needed one of those.”

“It’s okay.” I smile. “I did. Thank you.”

She shrugs again, nonchalantly. “There’s a shortage of hugs here, I say take them when you can, right?”

We both laugh. I don’t know why I’m nervous, it’s not like this is my first assignment. I rotate the black glass around in my hand again, feeling the coolness of it. The rectangular shape fits easily in my palm. “So, I’m off, I guess. Thanks again.”

“Good luck, Mal. I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully, as usual.” Krista winks at me and sits back down behind the counter, shuffling papers and looking busy.

When I walk away, I glance at the Assignment board across the room and spot myself almost immediately. I feel exhilarated, like my next assignment is going to mean something. More than any have before. It’s a ridiculous feeling, I know this, but I still can’t help but feel positive that I’ll be making a difference. That my time spent with this next charge will be worth it; worth the challenges, mentally, and however ironic – physically.

– The Station, Mallory (Coming Soon)

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