When you get sick of arguing, it is only natural to kick some vampire and werewolf butt…Gotta read this..


When you get sick of arguing, it is only natural to kick some vampire and werewolf butt...Gotta read this..

Elena’s Choice (The Calnis Chronicles) [Kindle Edition]
J R C Salter (Author)

Sick of her parent’s constant arguments Rose looks forward to spending time with her friends fighting evil. Vampires, werewolves, witches, she’s faced them all. But soon a stranger walks into her life, handsome and heroic; a demon with glowing eyes of fire terrifies her and her friends; and a prophecy speaks of the imminent arrival of Satan’s Emissary. All this threatens to upset her world and make her question what is good, and what is evil.

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You’ll love this Alison Blake Romance..its fast, its clean, and most of all it has horses…

The healing power of cat purrs…

Mallory says, “That’s a wrap!”

Today I finished Mallory’s story – her novelette that will be released this summer! It’s with the editor, which means I can stretch out my neck for a few hours before starting Kerry-Anne’s tale. And then – BOOM – it will be time to do the covers and get ready for releases! Here’s a snippet from Mallory’s story…


I fidget with the card in my hand, knowing there is a life attached to it. Krista smiles and offers me a hug over the desk. And not just any hug; her arms wrap all the way around my top half and though I try and turn my head to the side, my face ends up smashed against Krista’s neck before she releases me. Sensing my surprise, she laughs with a shrug and says, “Sorry, but it looked like you needed one of those.”

“It’s okay.” I smile. “I did. Thank you.”

She shrugs again, nonchalantly. “There’s a shortage of hugs here, I say take them when you can, right?”

We both laugh. I don’t know why I’m nervous, it’s not like this is my first assignment. I rotate the black glass around in my hand again, feeling the coolness of it. The rectangular shape fits easily in my palm. “So, I’m off, I guess. Thanks again.”

“Good luck, Mal. I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully, as usual.” Krista winks at me and sits back down behind the counter, shuffling papers and looking busy.

When I walk away, I glance at the Assignment board across the room and spot myself almost immediately. I feel exhilarated, like my next assignment is going to mean something. More than any have before. It’s a ridiculous feeling, I know this, but I still can’t help but feel positive that I’ll be making a difference. That my time spent with this next charge will be worth it; worth the challenges, mentally, and however ironic – physically.

– The Station, Mallory (Coming Soon)