Wednesday Writing Tip – Rotate Your Playlist

A short and sweet tip for this week  – and it’s all about the music! Most of us like music, and if you don’t…well…I’ve got nothing. But if you absolutely MUST have tunes in your life, then you probably write with music playing in the background at least every now and then.

But what do you listen to?

  • Whatever you’re in the mood for?
  • Whatever happens to be on the radio?
  • Whatever your story calls for, genre-speaking?

Well, why not all of the above? If you don’t already create a playlist for each story, try doing this next time. Customize that playlist to be what the story calls for AND what you enjoy listening to. And shake up your playlist for each book. You can order your playlist chronologically based on what happens in each chapter of your book. I’ve done this and it’s an awesome way to go, especially at the end. But you can also put your playlist on shuffle if you aren’t particular. The point is – rotate through them, or use a different playlist for each story and the songs won’t get boring, and neither will your mood. 😉

Take a peek below to see what one of my writing Playlist’s looks like, and how MANY I happen to have. lol


Happy Writing, everyone!

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Benefit of Writing Contests and Book Awards

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How to Get More Readers from an Award
Publicity around a book award will boost your book sales. Contests are a great way to hone your craft and show the world how much better you are than other writers. Winning a book award for your self-published fiction or nonfiction book is a great way to gain recognition and approval. You will not only see an increase your book sales – if you market it well, you also can add the award sticker to your cover and mention the achievement on your back cover, in your books’ description, and in all your marketing and promotions – online or offline. Most awards call for entries every year, so if the competition is closed for this year, mark your calender for next years’ contest call.


Here are a few of the most popular book contests: (IPPY awards)

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Sunday Snippet

“People think a smile means you’re happy. But it doesn’t. A smile is just a mask that hides what you really feel – what you really think. They say I have a pretty smile, but they have no idea how ugly I feel on the inside. How ugly I think the world is. I don’t trust smiles anymore…they’re just lies that hide the truth. I’m sick and tired of smiling.”

– Kerry-Anne, a Station Series Novelette