Senses in Writing: Seeing the Invisible Worlds

Legends of Windemere

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This week I’m talking about how to use and evoke senses within your story.  As usual, this is personal opinion formed from experiences.

First, a very brief overview of the week’s topic.  If you can set off a reader’s senses then you pull them deeper into your story.  This will not happen with every reader because people are different.  Yet, part of your goal with writing should be to trigger even a glimmer of a sensation.  For example, writing about the aroma of coffee might get one reader to think they smell it.  Yet, you do need a reader to have some prior knowledge for certain reactions.

Sight is one of the big ones because many people are visual.  A common way to teach children is by example, which means they watch you do something before copying it. You pay attention through your eyes when driving, working…

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