For the Audiobook Lovers

Audiobooks can be pricey, I know. So, how can I resist the opportunity to share with you this awesome audio edition deal?

A full-length story for $1.99

Yep. I said $1.99. Less than a gallon of gas. Less than a fancy venti-mocha-double shot-caramel-latte thingy. Less than $2.00 for an AUDIOBOOK! Phew, now that I’ve made that clear…I’ll answer your questions before you ask them…

  1.  HOW can I get an audiobook for $1.99? SIMPLE. If you’ve already grabbed the Kindle version of ‘I Hope You Find Me‘ the audio version is discounted for you. Ain’t that cool?
  2.  WHERE can I get this $1.99 audiobook? Another SIMPLE answer. Amazon or Audible. You can listen to the audio edition on your Kindle Fire or with the free Audible app on Apple, Android, and Windows devices.


I’ll stop talking now and let you run off to grab this deal. If you like Erin Spencer’s narration, please, with a big fat cherry on top, leave a review or rating on Amazon and/or Audible…Thanks so much for the support!

Happy Listening!

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