Rocking Those Man Buns

Every so often, I stumble upon something truly sexy online. And I don’t mean during writing research when I’m stalking Bing for images of my favorite celebs to match up to the make believe people in my head. Nah, I mean articles that I find that I then bookmark and return to more times then is healthy…like this glorious post from BuzzFeed that made my inner Bohemian more than a little excited. Man Buns. Hawt Man Buns. And I’m talking about hair, people…not tushies. Get your mind out of the gutter. I loved this post so much, I’m linking to it again – HERE – go check it out. Because…Man Buns. Hawt man Buns. Did I already say that? Probably. Do I care that I’m repeating myself? Nope.

And for those of you asking what this possibly has to do with writing – well, not much, other than the fact that now I simply MUST write a character who resembles #5 on the list. Or #6. Maybe #7. Or #9. Definitely #18 and #19. At this rate, I’ll have to write a book full of glorious Man Bun’s. I’ve been inspired. Sigh. Might be a difficult job, but someone’s got to do it. Thanks BuzzFeed. Yep, you ruined me.

enhanced-24640-1414739722-2Happy Viewing.