Being Thankful

As I enter into my fifth compassionate Thanksgiving, I find myself thinking over these last five years and how crazy they have been…

The kids and I became vegetarians.

I closed down my licensed child care to move across town and properly homeschool my daughter.

We got our first dog and shortly after, my son learned how to walk.

We lost my childhood cat, and shortly after, her younger brother.

My beloved Aunt Teresa committed suicide.

I wrote my first book. Then my second. Third. Fourth. Fifth, sixth, seventh, eight, ninth, and I’m currently working on my tenth. That doesn’t include stories I’ve done with other authors.

My husband and I celebrated our tenth anniversary.

I bought my first car.

One of my best friends got married.

My Mother had two knee replacement surgeries.

We lost my grandmother’s long-time life partner, Bob. Then shortly after, my other grandmother passed.

My husband became a vegetarian.

We rescued two additional dogs, one from Mexico and the other from the border. And an awesome cat that has twice defeated death.

Both of my in-laws retired.

My son started Kindergarten and my daughter started Middle School.

I became friends with a spider that lived outside my bedroom window for over a month.

I’ve met amazing people online, some who will be life-long friends. And I am in love with my readers.

My son went on his first roller-coaster and taught himself how to ride his bike without the training wheels.

My daughter got her ears pierced – for the second time. And she now tries to wear makeup when we leave the house.

So many other things, good and bad, have happened over the last five years, and there is so much to be thankful for. I’m glad to be alive, and that I can be home with my family tomorrow to celebrate this holiday in a compassionate way, and that my children are happy and healthy. What more could a woman want?

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!