Sunday Snippet!

Drake sighed and sat down hard on the edge of the bunk, sending a quiver of squeaky bounces through the mattress springs. “Look, Riley, something happened earlier. With Keel.”

“I already know all about it.”

Both the men stiffened into statues.

The room felt cooler, more still, like no one was breathing. With a quick sigh, I shrugged a shoulder and put on the best nonchalant expression I could muster. “He came down here to see me. We had words. Balls were kicked. Then…I just took a walk.” I pulled a blanket over my legs. Partly because they were still numb from trudging through two feet of snow in just jeans, but also because I felt exposed in my lie.

“You just took a walk.” Drake’s face twisted in a grimace, as if he was struggling to swallow a bee without getting stung.

“And I’m back now and perfectly fine, see?”

The side of Drake’s neck flushed with pink splotches. His face was scruffy, his hair ruffled, and his dirt-streaked clothes were deeply pressed with wrinkles. He was a mess. More so than usual.

“You need to stay away from that man, Riley. I don’t trust him,” Winchester said.

“Who, Keel? Well, I suppose you shouldn’t. It’s a mistake to trust anyone these days. Has Drake been dragging you around this place for the last hour? I’m sure you’re needed somewhere else. There’s nothing exciting going on with me, I assure you.” Roughly, I rubbed my legs to get some warmth back into my feet. I hadn’t felt the cold on my walk to the Tank, but my bones nearly froze solid on the way back.

Winchester shook his head sharply before crossing and uncrossing his arms. “I was looking for you, too. Thought you would want to know…the baby’s sick.”


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