Almost There…

The last few chapters of the third Find Me book were outlined last night. Yep, we are almost there, folks. That’s the good news! The bad news is, I have a mangled ring finger on my left hand, however, I’m learning rather quickly how to utilize my middle finger to hit the keys my ring finger usually does. The only major difficulty is that drat ‘s’ key and trying to do a capital A. lol But, I predict I’ll be able to continue writing this week without too much of a setback. Editing might just really, really suck.

Anyway, if you didn’t see me post this on Instagram last night, well…here’s what will happen in Chapter 19…

10443606_10205112595118551_8669808071564417688_nSorry. The Muse was feeling rather wicked. Don’t hate me!

Rocking Those Man Buns

Every so often, I stumble upon something truly sexy online. And I don’t mean during writing research when I’m stalking Bing for images of my favorite celebs to match up to the make believe people in my head. Nah, I mean articles that I find that I then bookmark and return to more times then is healthy…like this glorious post from BuzzFeed that made my inner Bohemian more than a little excited. Man Buns. Hawt Man Buns. And I’m talking about hair, people…not tushies. Get your mind out of the gutter. I loved this post so much, I’m linking to it again – HERE – go check it out. Because…Man Buns. Hawt man Buns. Did I already say that? Probably. Do I care that I’m repeating myself? Nope.

And for those of you asking what this possibly has to do with writing – well, not much, other than the fact that now I simply MUST write a character who resembles #5 on the list. Or #6. Maybe #7. Or #9. Definitely #18 and #19. At this rate, I’ll have to write a book full of glorious Man Bun’s. I’ve been inspired. Sigh. Might be a difficult job, but someone’s got to do it. Thanks BuzzFeed. Yep, you ruined me.

enhanced-24640-1414739722-2Happy Viewing.


This one is for the animal lover in all of us…


Rescue animals need love too. That’s why these nine authors got together to write stories that will warm your heart and entertain. All proceeds will go to animal shelters to help take care of and save the lives of the animals that may become your next family member. There’s a little something for everyone.

Michael Williams
The Pride
Once upon a time there was a kind elderly woman and her many cats – her many, many cats. Now her mind has left her, but it hasn’t gone far. “The Pride” is the story of a cabal of cats who one day look around and realize, “Ah – here we are, aware in a way we weren’t before and with the unpleasant task of being responsible.”

Laura DeLuca
Nine Lives
Johnny might be a nerdy gamer, but not even death can stop him from protecting his kid sister. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe—even if he has to do it in the form of a mangy Tom cat.

Karli Rush
Nine Lives
Come meet Trixie, a feline of a unique sort. She’s hustled the streets of the Big Easy many times but never quite like this. Trixie finds that when in New Orleans, Hoodoo is much more than a tourist shop full of souvenirs. Reality has never been stranger and the stakes are much higher than ever before. See how this sexy feline takes on every challenge thrown at her and in the process discover that there’s more to life than meets the eye.

Melissa Simmons and Alanna Kephart
The Disturbance
Adam Emerson is the latest in a long line of Emersons to join the Galena police force.
His father is the Chief of Police and his partner seems to think he’s getting a free ride on
his beat. You could say he has something to prove. When he comes away from a routine
disturbance call with a new pet puppy and a homicide to solve things get even more interesting. Can the canine witness help Adam solve his first big case?

Emily Walker
The animal kingdom is starting to act a little funny. As citizens are finding out cats big and small can be dangerous. How will humanity fight back? They won’t.

Miranda Stork and Trish Marie Dawson
A Tale of Two Kitties
One computer, two inquisitive kitties, and a Skype call that might just be the greatest thing since chunks in gravy.
Tinsel and River are both bored with their everyday lives, bored with their humans—and on different sides of the world. But when they find a mysterious device that allows them to talk to one another, their rivalry turns to friendship, and they plot to do the greatest thing any cat has ever done…
But can two little cats really succeed at their plan, especially when the world outside is full of six-toed tomcats, boorish farm cats, and no one to open packets of food?

Carolyn Wolfe
Miracle Paws, A Love Story
Something amazing happens when a lonely and abandoned dog comes into the life of four people. Trust issues, wariness and past hurts are the challenges that each and every one of them must overcome, in order to be whole again. Can one dog change the lives of four lonely people?… It would take a Miracle.

Taisheena Rayne
Win, Place or Show
Kendall Watts is excited to open PawPaws Puppy Pieces and move into her new house. What she doesn’t count on is a stray dog disrupting her life in more than one way.
Jeffery Stevens is content with his lot in life. He loves volunteering to help abused animals. He isn’t looking for love, but then again he didn’t expect his dog to stray into the neighbor’s yard.

Shauna Wilhelm
Fostering Hope
When Tristan decides he should bring in some interns to his animal foster system to help due to the low staff and high number of animals, he never thought that he would also find Bianca, the girl he would hope to be the one to build the animal shelter into what he dreamt it should be from the beginning. They both have the same opinions on the shelter, life, and more.

Help support animals from the UK to the US today by grabbing up your copy on AMAZON.

The animals and authors say THANK YOU!