Find Me Fans – Do You Like Surprises?

Hmm, well. Whether you do or don’t like surprises, there’s a lovely little golden nugget in book 3. But I can’t tell you what it is. Not exactly. Y’all know I’m not big on spoilers.

I said not exactly because I AM going to tell you what the surprise is about. But that’s it. I swear.


Are you sure you’re ready?

Yes? Okay, okay, keep your panties on…

In FM3, a certain female heroine will get a last name. Yep, that’s your hint. And no, I won’t say what that last name is. Because that would ruin the surprise completely. Now I’m sauntering off while leaving you stewing over the possibilities.

9af8b5a4b309c53cf2965ba53360a382p.s. Don’t send me hate mail. Unless it’s that love/hate mail stuff. Which is totally acceptable.

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