Tuesday Teaser (FM3)

With a yank, I pulled on his coat until his arms slid free, and used my foot to shove him to the floor. His chin struck the carpet with a soft thud and he turned his head to look at me. “Bitch, I’ll kill you,” he hissed.

There was no doubting that mania had taken over. The little moral compass I’d managed to hold onto was lost somewhere between hell and its gate. I was all animal. All bite. Wild from the inside out. And I wanted blood.

With the blade pressed roughly against his throat, my mouth found its way just an inch from his ear. “—–…—–, listen to me now. I’m going to slit you open from hip to hip. Then I’m going to pull out your intestines and strangle you with them. Please, please don’t pass out. I want you to feel everything, —–,” I whispered. “I want you to know what’s going to happen to you and that you’re helpless to stop it. I’m going to kill you, —–. I’m going to do it slowly. And yes, it’s going to hurt.”

Find Me #3 – Coming Soon

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