Friday Fun Facts!

I love Friday Fun Facts and plan on doing them more often on the blog this year! This week’s FFF will be all about inspiration. Inspiration BOARDS, that is.

TrishGlasses1When I’m writing, I’m researching, and I like to have some visuals to refer to or pictures to help boost the imagination. Nothing is better at organizing all of that for me these days, then Pinterest. Yep, Pinterest. I think every writer should have an account there, even if it’s just for inspirational writing boards. lol

You can ‘pin’ anything to your boards, really. The obvious is people – those who resemble your inner view of your main characters. The second most obvious would probably be locations. Rather than spending hours on Bing or Google, searching for the perfect image of the snowy mountains of Northern Arizona, you can search on Pinterest and then dump those images onto a story-specific board, where you can easily view them later. It’s like having a giant cork board of research right there on your computer!

You can find pretty much everything on Pinterest. I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s not just a place for the beauty guru, master crafter or aspiring chef. Us writers can get some awesome inspiration there! So, to show you some of the things I pin for my stories, I thought I’d share them here with you! This is the closest any reader will get to seeing what’s in my head while I write. O.O





If you aren’t already on Pinterest – you can join up for free and follow me HERE! Hope to see you ‘pinning’ soon!

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