Swirls of Bliss: In Search of Poetry Lovers

Belle of the Carnival

The other night I entered hot yoga ready to silence my mind, focus on my breathing, and relax into the stretches. I laid in corpse pose taking in the warmth of the room and waited for the instructor to sway me  into harmonious motion.

“Alright, I want you to swirl around and take a seated position.”

As I began to sit-up my mind began to wander.

poetry 1


I love that word.

The golden ray of sunlight swirled around her in warmth and she knew everything was going to be okay.

No. That is not going to work.

The dancing  swirls on each tiny candy were tempting her! 

As I worked through each pose my mind kept going back to that one word swirl.

It is such a beautiful, delicate, gregarious word that rolls off the tongue with joy!

She swirled about in her lovely red dress and everyone gazed upon…

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