On Sale!


You can grab up the second book of Piper Willow’s story…

DYING to FORGET, The Station Series for only $0.99!

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Follow the links below to your preferred vendor.

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2 thoughts on “On Sale!

  1. pelicanfreak says:

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    Here is my 5 star review:
    Annoyingly, yet brilliantly typical of Trish, this book leaves us hanging – badly. When I finished this, I had to jump right on amazon and buy the next installment. That means I not only couldn’t put it down but couldn’t stop even when the book stopped.

    I’m painfully waiting for the third installment of her Find Me series as I write this, I know other fans of TMD are with me here.

    Without spoiling anything, this book is an amazing read. A great continuance of Dying to Forget, #1 in the Station Series – it elaborates on what happens to suicide victims and opened my mind ( and hopefully yours too) to other worlds and realms. This book kept me intrigued while causing me to think which is a wonderful gift Trish has.

    READ THIS SERIES – you will not be sorry. You might find yourself thinking about all kinds of things you previously thought impossible, OR even – helped. If you’ve lost someone or been suicidal yourself, you’ve got all the more reason to read this series.

    While it is fiction -it is mind-opening.


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