Meet ‘Jin’

I love new characters. They have a point to each story – be it a fleeting one or a complex one – and the new side character in FINDING HOPE is a cool one. But since I wrote him, I’m a bit biased.

Anyway, here is an intro scene with ‘Jin’, inspiration taken from Jang Dong Gun, where I found the image below on Pinterest. No, it’s not mine. You can run over to my Find Me Series inspiration board to see more of him. *double wink*


His voice, still calm and exotic, spoke flatly, “You are not well.”

“I’ll be fine.”

“You were not fine outside. You were dying.”

I flattened my back against the wall, struggling to breathe in deeply. Once my lungs were fully inflated again, I pulled the zipper up on my coat, stopping just below my chin. “You brought me here. Why?”

“Like I said. You were dying.”

“So, you’re the last good Samaritan left in the world? I don’t believe in those anymore. You should have left me.”

He stood and looked at me sideways, and I braced against the wall expecting his approach. But instead, he spoke, “Perhaps.”

My head, heavy and hurting, couldn’t take the simple process of having a conversation with a stranger. “Don’t…don’t come near me. I’ll…hurt you. I said, I’m leaving.” My hand felt along the wooden planks that lined the interior of the room until they found the latch on the door. With a sharp tug, it opened. I watched the man named Jin tuck each hand into his pockets and nod at me.

“Go quickly then. The air is cold.”

“No shit, Captain Obvious,” I snapped.

I spun around quickly to avoid him, pushing myself off the wall and out the door into a dark, cloudless night. The first breath of evening felt coated in frost, and the coughing fit that followed brought me down to one knee. It was there, struggling against the wooden deck to suck in the frozen air, that I realized the man had not lied to me. And he wasn’t crazy. We were, in fact, in the trees.

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