eBook Pirating…Gone Mad?

*clears throat…taps mic* Do I have the floor? Alrighty then. Let’s start, shall we?

This post is a direct result of the moronic move on behalf of the git that decided to upload ‘Lost and Found’ to a questionable eBook file sharing site (no, this title is not free to share in such a way ANYWHERE online) and then didn’t have the brains to get my author name correct, though my name is clearly on the book cover image they listed, rather, they posted ‘Lee Child’ as the author, and ‘Transworld’ as the publisher. Let’s all take a nice long giggle at that, before I move on…ready? No? Still laughing? Okay…calm yourself now. This really is a serious matter. *shoves chocolate in mouth*


Surprise!! I am not Lee Child (say whaaaat??), and I’ve no doubt he knows nothing of my existence though I’m sure he’s a lovely guy. But ‘Lost and Found’, the second book of the Find Me series, is most definitely mine. Um, I know this, because I wrote it, not Lee Child. And Transworld – um, that’s another nope. From what I can gather, it is a UK based publishing division of Random House. They probably haven’t heard of me either. *GASP* I published this book myself. *DOUBLE GASP* Book pirates – just a note – If you are going to pass off an eBook file to someone else, without the author’s consent, can you at least get their name and publishing info right on the page? I mean, it’s the least you can do. You’ve gone through the effort to upload the file or image already. Might as well go alllll the way.

It seems that I’m getting more and more email alerts about my files ending up all OVER the internet. eBook pirating has gone mad, people, MAD. I am all for sharing my freebies, loves. That’s why they are free. I want you to tell your friends and them to tell their family…however, I only want my titles listed on sites I deem appropriate for distribution. This isn’t only for my protection, but yours, as well. I don’t want someone downloading what they think is a free file of one of my books from some random site run from someone’s basement , then uploading a virus to their computer. Or worse, a phishing scam. Not to mention the fact that I have two free books – no one has to ‘steal’ from me. And that’s what file sharing for ‘Lost and Found’ would be. It’s not free on Amazon or B&N. So unless you got a copy from me directly, or those two places, you could be getting the file from somewhere shady. Just, you know, FYI.

Please be respectful to the people who write, format, design, edit, and publish books. We WANT them to be read, but we also have bills to pay, just like everyone else, and we also have a reputation to build in the writing world. Be part of the solution, not the problem, by getting your eBooks from reputable places. Support your favorite authors by legitimately buying their books, or borrowing them from valid lending programs (Amazon’s KU program, for example). My books are not in each of these programs, but there are many others which are. And if you are a rabid fan of mine (which, I don’t know, I guess could happen…*cue crickets singing along to the Misery soundtrack*) and truly can’t afford to continue on with one of my series after reading the first for free, send me a PM and I’d love to shoot you over a book or two. Why? Because I want you to read them. I know I already said that, but it’s true. It really is.

I love writing and sharing my writing with you. Honestly, I do. Which is why I don’t bash in my computer and throw in the towel when I find things like this online – however – with that being said, it still bothers me to see that someone, anyone, took the time to share a file that didn’t belong to them, online in a place it shouldn’t be. It’s about respect, lovely people. Respect. Please treat your eBook files with the respect the authors deserve, so they continue to publish more works for you to read. Or you know, buy a library card, I guess?

Much love to those who legally download books. I appreciate you. I want to hug you. Kiss you, even. Together, united, we can stand up and support the ever evolving digital world of books! Because in the end, we all love to read.

Now, I’m off to shove more chocolate in my mouth (don’t judge, it’s just been one of those days), while writing more DMCA notices (!@#$%^&*), while doing laundry and packing the kids up for an errand. *double winky face*

Happy Hump Day!