Tuesday Teaser

With my knife safely sheathed to my hip, I spit out the iron taste of my former lover’s blood and smoothed my hair back again.

Life was a cruel bitch.

– Riley, Finding Hope – Coming Soon

Happy Meme Monday!

There’s no need to post more than one Meme today…because this one is just too perfect…


P.S. The Walking Dead: you killed me last night. My nerves just can’t handle season finales. Thanks for the awesome year.

Friday Follows!

I love pimping out my author friends but really haven’t done much of this lately. To my writing buddies, I am deeply and completely sorry for ignoring your fabulousness (and no, that’s not a word, but I like it, get over it lol).

So, to make up for my lack of shares as of late, I’m going to start finding ways to pimp y’all out when I can. Like today…Friday Follows! Readers and fellow authors, just click on the names below and they will take you directly to that author’s official Amazon page, where you can (and will, hopefully) give these writer’s a ‘Follow’ to stay updated on their awesome New Releases. I can’t fit everyone in this one post. Guess that means I’ll just have to do this regularly. *double wink*

Happy Friday!

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The Hunt for the right Voice Continues…

Today I uploaded the details for my Station novelettes to ACX – which means hopefully some time soon they will find the perfect narrator and be available for listening via Audible and Amazon. This is exciting – but it’s three new and totally different projects, with different voices needed – and I’m only one person. lol

The other audiobook project will be finding the new voice of Piper Willow for book 2, Dying to Remember. Another time consuming, yet worth it task!

In other words, I’ll be busy listing to audio samples and narrations for, like…ever. Just kidding. I’m stoked. Means it’s another way to share the stories, and that can’t go wrong!

Wish me Happy Narrator Hunting, will ya?

Thursday Teaser – Finding Hope

Zoey huffed and collapsed at my heels, seemingly just as bored as the rest of us were while Ryder spent another ten minutes rambling on. Behind me, Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00075]Kris giggled at something Jacks said and I put my hand up with a sharp nod, interrupting Ryder as he spoke about the irrigation system and how the grid was powered by their wind farm and generator systems. I didn’t care how the lights were kept on. As long as they worked.

“I think some of us are anxious to settle in. Maybe we could finish up the tour in a few hours?” I asked.

Ryder’s cheeks flushed a rouge color that contrasted comically with his pale complexion. “Sure,” he stammered. In a rush to get to the door, he tripped over his feet, twice. “Let’s go meet the Leaders, and then I’ll see you each to your living quarters.”

– FINDING HOPE, Coming Soon!