Tuesday Teaser – Finding Hope


I’m not sure how long I ran for. Or how many times I hid behind the trees from some nearby shadow or called out to the birds, but the feeling of dread and death came back the instant my feet met the pavement.

“You again.” I stood atop an empty and dark waveless sea of tarred gravel. The main street led in two directions. Neither of which I wanted to take. My feet remained firmly planted in the narrow space between shoulder and road, unwilling to move. With a long stare over my shoulder, I watched the woods and wondered if I could survive the winter amongst the trees. If they would protect me until spring. But my recent refuge dimmed before my eyes, turning sinister and threatening. Something from within watched and waited.

“Have you forsaken me already?” I asked the forest. My answer came in a swift and chilly breeze, pushing me forward onto the highway, pushing me away.

So I began to walk again. My legs took me to the west, away from the hills that harbored the Ark. Away from everyone I knew. And that’s the way I wanted it.

– Finding Hope – Book 3 of the Find Me Series, Coming Soon