Time for a Site Upgrade!

SL_website-under-constructionThe site will be undergoing an upgrade tonight this week. Hopefully (emphasis on ‘hopefully’) the new look will be available for y’all first thing tomorrow morning before I turn 60. Can you believe Monday is peeking around the corner at us already? O.O

Sunday Snippet!

Since the cover reveal was just a few days ago, I thought y’all would like a little snippet from Finding Hope. I cannot wait for release day! Happy Sunday!

“What in the hell is she doing?” I heard Keel ask Drake.

He mumbled an expletive under his breath. “I’ve a guess.”

After grabbing up my pack, I jumped onto the highway and retreated the few meters back to the billboard, which was angled in such a way that it’s torn white background would be viewable for miles. It took several jumps to grab onto the lowest rung of the ladder before I got a hold strong enough to dangle from. My arms, not used to the hoisting, protested at the effort of reaching up at the second rung, but I refused to let go. A handful of minutes later I was standing on the narrow ledge that ran from one side of the commercial display board to the other. Being careful to not lean backwards, I took the pack off and dug around inside it until my hands found the can of spray paint.

“Have you gone mad?” Keel yelled from the ground, safely below me.

“I just need one minute,” I said, while giving the can a few good shakes.

I moved slowly and carefully from one side to the other and then back again for a second trip. A few times I was up on my toes, stretching as far as my arms would go. Once done, I dropped the can back into my bag and inched my way along the wet billboard to the ladder, being careful to not drag my hands along any rusted metal. My tetanus shot was long overdo.

“Are you shitting me?” Keel asked, staring up at the board with an expression of shock.

Smiling, I led the way back to the truck, where Drake still sat in the passenger seat with his head resting against the window.

“Are you crazy? You are, aren’t you?” Keel demanded, before allowing me to crawl into the cab.


With a slow shake of his head, he glanced down the highway at the back of the billboard. “Riley,” he said carefully, “one day you’re going to trust the wrong person and get yourself killed.”

“But not today, right?” No, not today, I thought. I ran the words through my head again, hoping that saying them to myself would somehow help him find them later.

Connor, go North. I’m there. – R

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00075]COMING SOON

Riley’s journey continues in the third installment of the Find Me series. With the promise of a better life on the horizon, she reluctantly leaves the Laguna Mountains of Southern California behind for the good of her group. But not everyone makes the trip. During her struggle to come to terms with the choices she’s made in the past, Riley turns to her inner circle for hope. But finding it will be more difficult than she ever imagined when her choices come back to haunt her. She’s lost her family. She’s lost friends. She’s lost love. And now in Finding Hope, Riley just might lose herself.

As some questions are answered, others are created. Who will survive? And will hope be found?