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Writing Tip Wednesday!

This tip is for ALL writers, authors and publishers alike and might sound a teeny bit familiar in context:

Treat others online the way you want them to treat you.

Such a simple idea, right? You would think in an industry that’s balanced on ‘word of mouth’, that this ancient adage would be an easy one to follow, but nope. I see it constantly from all over the Net: authors and publishers alike behaving badly. Those in the industry pushing their services the wrong way (See my How NOT to Promote Your Book post), or attacking others for being different. The fact is, we are all different and each deserve a chance to represent their brand and make friends in the book world. If you’re passionate about something another does, by all means, say so – but that doesn’t give people the right to be nasty.

We are all connected and Karma is a cruel Bitch, y’all. Negative energy follows you, and don’t forget that what’s posted online can be copied and shared a million times over, regardless of how sorry one might be for what they say or how they act. So…think before you hit ‘Enter’. *wink*