Wednesday Writing Tip – Oops

Today’s WWT is more for myself than every other writer out there. It’s sort of like a ‘Yeah, I screwed up, and I won’t be doing THAT again’, warning. But first, some back story…

I am not one to outline a project down to each final detail. However, I do think a basic outline is more than just helpful, but necessary, even stripped to the bones. I’ve talked about that before, no need to repeat. I’ve also said that I started using Scrivener. I really do enjoy it, but here is where I messed up: I started using this writing software program on the third book of the Find Me series, after losing my previous computer which had my Word program on it. So not only did I have to learn everything about Scrivener in a rush (and yeah, I still haven’t learned about half of what it can do) but I also started using it in the middle of a series. That’s two no-no’s in my opinion.

double-facepalmThe more I use Scrivener, the more I realize it has the potential to be fabulous, but not in the middle of a series when I don’t already have the characters mapped out, the notes, the descriptions, the previous books to easily refer back to… oops.

I’m not going to lie. Editing this book (FM3) has been more than a challenge. Because of the ease in moving chapters and sections around in Scrivener, I did just that, and copy and pasted so many sections that I got myself confused later on about certain scenes. I lost sections. I rewrote sections. It…it was a mess to read over the first time, and thankfully my editor caught things that I missed (big things, people, big things). She is wonderful, and if she didn’t live in Ireland I’d be sitting on her lap giving her hugs and kisses right now.

Anyway. Back to my mistakes. #1 – I started using a new writing software program in the middle of a series. #2 – I broke my Golden Rule and spent more time going back to edit (moving stuff about, editing previous chapters, etc…) that I forgot to do the one thing I find works best for me – which is ‘just write’. Because of this, it seems like it took more than the 6mths to get this book done, and rather felt like a decade. A really, really long decade. Gah. If I’m frustrated about how long this release has taken, no doubt the readers are. I apologize profusely.

So there you have it – a bit of a cautionary tale – do what works for you and stray only on the newer projects that you can afford to stray on. If what you are currently doing IS working for your series, it might not be a good time to start changing things up in the middle. Or you might find yourself swallowing a lot more chocolate and wine while working on your WIP, like me. Don’t be like me. Seriously. My thighs don’t need any more chocolate.

Happy Hump Day, Everyone!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Writing Tip – Oops

  1. Nicole says:

    We as fans, know that your book will be worth the wait….and the editing. You’re fabulous, girl!!! Granted we’re all pacing the floors, tapping our feet, and pulling our hair out in the mean time…. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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