The Imaginations of a Writer…

…Oh, can they get you into trouble.

Let me explain. First, I need to confess I have a thing for Norman Reedus. A big thing. I’ve had it for years – long before The Walking Dead. I know I’m not alone with this, and my husband is fully aware of my obsession and for the most part, tolerates it quite nicely. Except for when I wake him in the middle of the night to gush about a dream I just had starring Mr. Reedus.

Like last night. After waking up from a short, yet hilarious dream with Norman, I felt funny-dog-pictures-dreams-squirrelscompelled to roll over and beat my husband’s shoulder till he roused enough to hear me say, “I just had a dream that Norman Reedus wanted to photograph my boobs!” I might have said, ‘Isn’t that amazing?’ but sleep was quickly pulling me back, so I’m not exactly sure what I mumbled. To be clear, it wasn’t a ‘Take me! Take me NOW!’ kind of dream, so get your head’s out of the gutter. That’s where MY mind belongs. *wink*

My poor hubby. He probably thought I was waking him in the middle of the night for something else. But it was just too amazing to NOT share with someone. I mean, I don’t dream about Norman Reedus EVERY night, despite how lovely that would be. I guess I owe my hubby one though, because he’ll be walking around all day wondering what ELSE I dreamed up last night…

This is when the imagination of a writer can truly get one into trouble. lol

2 thoughts on “The Imaginations of a Writer…

  1. joancdunn says:

    Or…you can use the fact that you are a writer and might write what you dream as an excuse to reveal your dreams with us. I wish i could renember my dreams.

    Liked by 1 person

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