Throwback Thursday

It’s already been over a year since DYING to FORGET the first book of The Station series was published, can you believe that? For a little TBT, here’s a snippet from the book. It’s FREE if you want to read more, so, what’s stopping ya? Not a thing! *wink*

I thump my hands on the steering wheel to the beat of the music and ignore the rising number on the speedometer. I have every street in between Bree’s house and my apartment memorized. I floor the pedal as we head up a hill, and let the car barrel down the other side at nearly fifty miles an hour. A sliver of moon is all that shows in the inky sky, and it seems even the stars are hiding.

It’s Bree’s scream that startles me out of my music reverie but I see the car backing out of the driveway too late, and the front end of my Focus slams into the back of the Honda. The last thing I see as my body slams forward into the airbag is Bree’s beautiful brown hair billowing out around her before her body crashes through the windshield.

beautiful blonde in a hat. hipster styleRead more today on your Kindle, Nook, Tablet or Smartphone – for FREE. That’s $0.00 for the math lovers. Can’t get better than that!




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