Misprint giveaway #5 – last but not least!

Made by Meghan

To recap a fourth time. I had fifteen misprinted paperbacks. The covers of the paperbacks were all oddly tinted to various degrees with pink and red. And, in a few, the top and bottom margins shift down or up around the halfway point. Since I’m a fan of decluttering, I thought I should give these ‘rarities’ away.

box of misprints Remember these?

I given away fourteen so far.

I’ll autograph and label the book as a misprint. I’ll even throw in an I See Me postcard and some butterfly tattoos.

Would you like a chance to own this misprinted, but still pretty, Treasures, Demons, and Other Black Magic (Dowser 3) paperback?

Treasures (Dowser 3) with Leo Leo kept insisting he wanted to be in the photos, so I finally let him.

You would?

Then #1. Comment on this blog post with your favourite quote from Treasures, Demons, and Other Black Magic (Dowser 3).

And #2. Tell me why it’s your favourite quote.

Remembering #3. To include your email…

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