Tuesday Teaser – Finding Hope

Drake stood off to the side, a thermos in his hand, and a pastry of some sort in the other. When he saw me, he gave me a once over and a nod, then handed the food over.

What is it?” I asked, sniffing the food.

He shrugged. “Some sort of fiber muffin thing that Fern made. It was all I could grab from upstairs on short notice.”

I rotated it in my hand and gave it a sniff. “This is a muffin?”

With another shrug, he kicked at the dirt around his feet. “Coffee’s strong.”

Well, there’s that,” I said, relieved. “Thanks for bringing this out.”

We waited another minute for Keel to show up with his truck. Drake kicked at the ground in silence while I struggled to get down a few bites of the muffin. After each swallow, I chased down a gulp of hot coffee. By the time the muffin was gone, so was one quarter of the thermos, and my taste buds.

So, are you going to talk to me about yesterday at all?” I asked his back. He stiffened, then turned around to look at me.

Exactly what part of yesterday do you want to talk about?”

I felt my entire face frown at him. My eyes narrowed, my brows pressed together, the side of my mouth pushed back into my cheek, and my lips turned into thin slits. “Well, let’s start with the part where you found me…how did you say it…blue?”

Oh, that.”

Yeah, that.”

He shoved his hands into his pockets. “Look, Riley. I don’t know what happened. That’s why it freaked me out.”

I saw someone.”

Drake blinked at me, took a step closer and held my gaze with his stern one. “What do you mean, you saw someone?”

– Finding Hope, book 3 of the Find Me series.

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